10 comments on “” Naturism and the Law “

  1. Yes we enjoy our nudity around the house 24/7 but getting outside in public areas is very enjoyable too. A couple weks ago we left work early traveled to a near by lake and recereational area and hiked nude for a while, swam and took some nude pics. Hiked out nude all the way to the car, went to a camping and picnic area and had a mid-day lunch while nude and just ran around the whole area enjoying the perfect day taking more nude pics of each other. There were a few fisherman and boaters around along with a few vehicles driving by, if they saw us they didn’t mind or they just enjoyed the sighting. We feel most pepole are voyeurs by nature. Example: the crowds of people with cameras who line up to see the nude riders in the WNBRs around the world. It seems most people will tolerate simple nudity in this setting but sexual acts I think would be viewed much harsher.

    Looked for the update link but didn’t seem to find it.

    • Nudity really shouldn’t be seen as a sexual act should it. Hopefully you enjoy your nakedness as much as we do.

    • Nudity is only sexual if someone chooses to make it that way. Simply being naked is just that, a body un-inhibited or un-incumbered. Yes we enjoy it very much and offer our friends and family the opportunity to join us for expierence like no other. By the way are the pics of you and your wife? Regardless the’re very nice examples of enjoying nature naturally.

      • They are of us as a couple, even though we’re not married.Both seperated and very happy together.

      • Yes understood, Kim is my significant other as well. We both ended long marriages and we are very happy enjoying a nude life together and with a few friends as well. There’s a brief nude pic of us in our profile if you haven’t seen it. Best Regards my friend !

  2. Something I’ve been wondering on this subject recently is how the Naked Rambler chap is considered to be committing an offence. There’s no intent to shock, nor is there any sexual intent – so if being naked isn’t illegal, why do he keep being locked up? Is this where the common law side of things prevails?

    • I think it’s because he won’t do what they tell him. He’s stubborn so I’m told and so is the judge in Scotland so it’s a stand off. Police in the U.K. seem to apply the law by public opinion rather that by fact.

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