6 comments on “” Natural Beauty or Not ? “

  1. “To those who do not see nudity very often, probably 90% of the world population, their reaction is either, an overreaction involving urges of a sexual nature or a reaction of total denial and they call to ban the subject matter.”

    Those are the folks we need to consider when using nudity to illustrate naturism. The public perception of nudism/naturism is poor enough as it is without risking presenting an even worse image by forgetting how that 90% sees things. Those folks haven’t even reconciled nudity within their own lives, how can we expect them to understand how it fits into ours? All they see is naked people doing God knows what.

    Sex sells and nudes mean sex to them; we need to be very careful in how we represent naturism though photos lest they connect naturism with sex even more than they do already. It’s fine to try to educate them, but let’s not confuse them off in the process!

    Very good article, the complexities of nudity and the human psyche are fascinating and frustrating at the same time. and can be an endless source of amusement or concern. We need to remember that the Textile world doesn’t have our perspective and is easily misled into false assumptions.

    When they see a naturist photo and think, ‘Hmm, that’s something I’d like to do’, we don’t want jumping into the sack with the model to be what they have in mind!

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