4 comments on “” Surveying the Beach Scene “

  1. Those survey results would probably apply here in the US as well. Other than for a handful of legal or semi-legal beaches, other usable beaches are often as your survey describes. Substandard facilities (if any), out of the way, and not as nice as public beaches. Nudity is technically legal in many places here also, though you’re likely to get arrested if you try it!
    Nude beaches in bluenose societies have traditionally been out of the way or secluded, exactly the kind of place that would not be likely to be improved for the use of the public. That of course, is why we use them, both to ‘hide’ from the Law and partly to be left alone among others like us. People do tend to clump together according to commonalities.
    Considering the state of the economy, you might have better luck getting sections of public beaches designated as optional than you will getting the gov to spend money developing new beaches just for nudists. When towns are cutting back on sports programs and hospitals are closing wards, you’re unlikely to find much support for spending precious funds on ‘those kind of people’, I’m afraid. Nudists are not considered a valid minority deserving of special treatment.
    Unfortunately, it’s a matter of money again as no one can afford to lobby even just for nude beach sections, and it’s unlikely that a bunch of celebrities will take it up as a cause and raise funds! I wish we had some answers but it’s never been easy for naturists to enjoy their pastime, and until public attitudes towards casual nudity relax, it’s not going to get better.
    The clothesfree industry likes to parade out surveys showing how much money is spent on nude recreation, but that does nothing and means nothing to most naturists who use natural facilities. There is little ‘trickle-down’ of money from the industry to support natural naturism since there’s no profit there for them, so we can forget that as a source of funding. Fundraising among naturist themselves is next to impossible, and naturist organizations don’t have any spare money either.

    Gawd, how depressing! Good luck and good article!

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