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  3. Well, this is an excellent essay and we’ve shared it on Facebook and elsewhere. Unfortunately, we had to block the photos on FB for the very reasons you describe here! FB, like the general public, sees everything nude as sexual, and these pics could easily be reported and acted upon as ‘obscene’. That’s wrong, we know it’s wrong, and can do nothing about it.
    For that same reason, All-Nudist is not in favor of ‘naturist’ galleries for the most part as they are indistinguishable from soft porn by most who would see them. Not a great introduction to naturism, we feel.
    In context or illustrative, no problem. Otherwise, how many nude photos in a gallery does it take to legitimately get the idea of naturism across? Ten? A Hundred? A thousand? Somewhere along the line it becomes a personal hobby outside of and beyond simple interest in the nudist lifestyle. Identical photos can be easily found elsewhere; there is no need to make it appear that collecting, sharing and posting nude picture galleries is part of naturism. Some naturists do, most don’t. Many more textiles do! Google ‘naturist photos’ and see what you find.
    We published an article some time ago with two photos, one from a highly respected naturist website and one from a porn site; no one could tell which came from which, and theses are nudists! In fact, the one from the nudist site had actually originated from a porn site and was re-used by them!
    We’ll continue to steer newcomers away from photo sites, ‘naturist’ or not; they can find them on their own when they know better how to keep them in perspective. We don’t need to add photo voyeurism to the mis-impressions the public already has about social nudism, and we don’t need to attract/scare off newcomers based on that idea either.
    Incidentally, we know that our opinion is not popular with nude photo affectionados and have heard all the arguments. We don’t need to go through it all over again.

  4. Excellent article, though I post pictures on my blog of me and others enjoying being clothesfree I only post those I know come from reputable naturist sources/have true naturist themes. Take care and thanks!

    • I tend to post mainly our own pics and occasionally others but only to illustrate a point mentioned in the article.

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