7 comments on “” Growing Up and Moving On “

  1. I can totally relate to this writing as our lives have taken very similar paths. The ability for us to be nude most of the time makes life far more enjoyable than before. Our only regret is that family does not share our passion for a nude lifestyle.

  2. Brilliant! A lot of my sentiments in your words. My wife is now sev disabled but thankfully we found naturist resorts and beaches in the past and have enjoyed naturism. I’m mostly naked at home and with help of carers can venture out into our lovely countryside naturally dressed which is a real stress buster from the pressures of caring f.t. for my lovely wife! Take care and stay bare!

  3. As others have said, you’ve hit on some common thoughts here that will resonate with a lot of folks. There are a couple of things we feel the need to remark upon though; the first is that these comments are impossible to read unless highlighted or scrolled, the second is that the little green pop-up tent behind you in one of those pics sure grew huge by the time Ginny sat down in front of it! Or is she that tiny? 😉

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