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  1. Once again you have produced a blog that is both interesting and informative, with great photos. This has to be one of the best naturist blogs around. Congratulations and well done.

  2. Reblogged this on simplenaturist and commented:
    Very insightful and well written. I had to remove the thumbnail because Facebook has some draconian rules about nonsexual nude puictures and the thumbnail has a picture of a person out hiking in the nude. I bet if it contained a picture of two clothed people passionately kissing with their hands down each others clothing it would be okay. Society, facebook and Google+, you my friends are screwed in the head.

  3. At Brockenhurst/TNF in Kent, I think quite a lot of the people in shorts were not nude because they were just there for the volleyball – some of the players I think were kids of club members who have grown up and still play (and so were on the teams representing the clubs because the club members were too old to play themselves) but aren’t really into naturism… or just kids of members and players there to support.
    In our group, everyone went naked, adults and kids, at least while the sun was out. I had my shorts on towards the end but that’s cos I was packing to go and the sun had gone away by that point. My attitude is that if I have paid to atend a naturist club, I will be nude, or what’s the point being there? I will dress in the evening if that is the custom of the club (which I believe it was with TNF).

    • I’m not trying to bad mouth anyone or put anyone down just give my opinion. Some members of the NF have had grumbling about this before and posted letters in The Glade the club magazine.I find it strange that they dress in the evening at the bar because as a naturist why would you want too ? I know you don’t have to but it does make you feel odd if you don’t especially if you’re a visitor.

      • It seems to be the norm at a number of clubs I have visited. As a visitor to a club I want to be seen as behaving correctly to what I think is expected of me so if all the people get dressed I do too. But I admit I’m a bit surprised so many people get dressed in the evenings. It is a naturist club after all!

      • Again I can’t understand why people would want to dress in a naturist environment. It should be renamed the Clothes Optional Foundation lol

  4. You’ve covered a lot of territory in this article, yet brought it all together quite nicely! It’s quite amazing how something as simple as nudity, or the aversion to it, can have such far reaching influence in our daily lives and in society in general.

    Nudity and sex, forever connected in most folk’s minds, wield enormous power in our world and those who rule understand this very well. They’ve been using a combination of the two since the dawn of time to control us, and alas, aren’t likely to give up that power in the name of commons sense, health, or even mere comfort.

    Thanks for another great article! We’ll be sharing it in our ‘Featured Blogs & Articles’ section shortly!

  5. I read this Blog and the words that popped into my head were “You hit it right on the head”. I have 3 children and your statement “Too much I hear “the children, the children, think of the children” and what do we get these days ? Children who hardly go out to play, Children who don’t get up till midday on non-school days, Children who are so untidy and children who are stuck in front of PC, Laptops, IPod’s or mobile phones all day.” I agree with this. My Ex seems to feel they need to have their own IPAD mini’s, DS Games and now we are getting into Cell Phones. It is very difficult to get the kids out and enjoy the great outdoors. You really summarized this sooooo well. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comments on both they’re most welcome. All I try to do is portray things as they really are. I had a job in a store for many years and you tend to stand behind the counter and listen. Outside I tended to just watch..things change,people live and die from these things you tend to see life very much as it is.

  6. I think that naturism is not a nudist compulsion. You mentioned that some people that went camping were wearing towels and that appears to disturb you because you are at a nudist venue. Well not everyone is as warm as you are, not everyone wants to be as naked as you are. We are not going to make laws that force others to not wear the pieces that they want to wear, that would infringe on their rights as well. I think that some of us love nature and the contact and communion with nature. We all come to naturism for our own reason, we don’t all have the same reason, we all have the same goal. Therefore, how can I judge the level of comfort, pleasure, or benefits others derive from being naked socially? I can’t . I love nature and be part of it hat is sufficient for me, I don’t depend on the nakedness of others to be happy, just my own. That is what we want right? A society where I can be left alone to enjoy my nakedness without being judged by society as committing an indecent act. We want a world that tolerates and accepts that the human body for is not violating any law based on religious dogma or ignorance. Then we must be ready to accept that there is lot of people in the world that will not partake of nudity in a social context at different levels for their own reasons.

    • Naturism or the practicing of it should be for the right reasons and not for sexual kicks. People should therefore not visit naturist campsites if they’ve no intention of stripping off. Most say, this is naturist, not this is clothes optional. If someone strips off and in time likes it great, but if someone goes just to look at others they really should find another campsite

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