4 comments on “” Bypassing History “

  1. We enjoyed this article enormously, though the loss of structures, businesses and railways is sad. A very evocative narration!

    If you’re ever in the Attleboro area, stop by the old train station there. Angie’s grandfather (Harry Westley) was stationmaster there throughout his life, was an ARP Warden during the war and even took a few shots with his Enfield at a German plane that dropped a bomb right down the chimney of Gaynor’s Cider Works! The row house they lived in remains today, as does the church Angie’s parents were married in!

    See? We’re almost related!

    • The area we live in has changed dramatically from small out of town village to urban city sprawl.If people had stuck to building around the existing infrastructure you wouldn’t lose great countryside to indiscriminate building policies. Many councillors live out of town and don’t really give a monkies and pass these plans.

  2. Well,I have enjoyed reading your commentary and have found them refreshing.

    First, I would like pass on a big “CONGRATULATIONS” to Ginny on the new job. I really hope that she enjoys it.

    Second, I read the part about your kids and found that it is sad, but I have faith in people that in the end we will all be able to get along. I pray that you and your children will one day see that path that leads you back together. Stay strong and have faith.

    Thirdly and lastly, I hope that you two have managed to stay dry with all the flooding going on in the UK. We will be starting our Flood battle in about a month. We have A LOT of snow on the ground and will most likely flood the area south of the city. I hope and pray you two stay safe and dry with all your rain….John

    • Thanks for comments John, when I see the kids is very good we get on well.Its just not very often.As for the weather and floods its always a case whether the authorities do enough..what they should anyway thanks again and best wishes

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