3 comments on “” Waste Not “

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  2. Lots of good points here. I’ll not respond to them all but I’ll share my 2p worth!

    Buying CDs from charity shops is a favourite of mine; the last three I bought were £2 in total. Two are great, the third – well I suppose it was worth 67p! Novels – again from charity shops – yes, read and return. Most are £1 or similar.

    I have solar panels and energy-saving light bulbs, the bulbs were free from my elec’ supplier – which doesn’t make commercial sense for them. As a race, we seem to be thinking “How can we produce more energy?”. This is a paradox. We should be asking “How can we reduce consumption?”.

    Recycling/ re-using, not tricky to do. I harvest as much rainwater as practical, I believe 8/10 plants prefer it! It’s currently stored in as many plastic bottles as I can get. (Fill the bottle, gently screw the top on, squeeze the bottle and when all air is expelled, do the top up tightly – it stops the water going green) I also use filtered rainwater (through a yellow duster!) for the iron and washers on the car.

    Boiled too much water in the kettle? Put the rest in a Thermos and use it later for e.g. washing up or steaming your veg’. Actually, use your steamer. I put spuds in the bottom, fish in the middle and veg’ in the top layer. Everything cooked on one ring on the hob.

    Anything electrical on – or on stand-by? Turn it off!

    Now a few brief points.

    * Try eating veggie instead of red meat. Lentils can be fun!
    * Grow your own food – even in a flat you can easily grow small things like herbs, chilli, radishes (in an old mushroom punnet), globe carrots, many things albeit in a small quantity. Even mushrooms themselves, no light needed!
    * Rechargeable batteries – initially expensive but save a mint in the long run in two ways – they are effectively recycling and therefore save cash.

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