11 comments on “” Skinny Dipping threat to all “

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  2. I’m afraid, will, that is N Ireland for you, and I say that a someone who was borne and raised there but eventually could no longer tolerate the claustrophobic parochialism, the stink of which pervades the territory like the stench from a sewerage works. Attitudes are still remarkably Victorian; many would still like to see the territory closed down completely on a Sunday and everyone forced into churches and chapels. Abortion is completely banned, forcing hundreds of women every year to go to the UK mainland to obtain them.

    Public nudity, no matter how innocent, no matter how benign, has to content with that sort of antediluvian mind-set. It’s sheer poison and many of the local citizens know it but their voices are subdued because they know only too well that they would be figuratively set upon. As it is there are a lot of other people who live there in a state of perpetual denial, will hear no criticism of their beloved country of birth, in n exercise in wholly misguided patriotism. Both the mindless patriotism and the juvenile, mindless moral rectitude is conditioned in them by their respective churches, whether Presbyterian or Roman Catholic, and as in the US and elsewhere, they vie with one another to see which can be the most righteous and arrogant in their own petty, vindictive and perverse ways.

    As a separate topic, it is quite clear that the police and the prosecuting authorities are prepared to abuse the intentions and measures of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for unrelated matters as they are also willing to do in respect of ASBOs and eventually Anti Social Behaviour Orders, given Theresa May’s will. It is as inevitable as night following day; there is plenty of even recent evidence of the police prosecuting people inappropriately under other legislative powers and admitting, eventually, that is exactly what they have done.

    • Well said….must be added that those people (who believe the same as I do that normal nudity is not unlawful ) who sit,listen and do nothing are just as guilty as those who try to punish us for no wrong doing…we have to stand up for our rights…as naturist/nudist and as human beings !

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    • There’ll come a time when words will be needed to help save our freedoms and they won’t come.It seem that BN over time has become more of a ‘social scene naturist club’ rather than a radical stand up for our freedom body “fighting them on the beaches” thats apart from your kind self of course Malcolm.

    • Maybe Malcolm its time BN stopped becoming a “Social Scene Naturist Club” and became a “we’ll fight them on the beaches” protest body. It seems that apart from you nobody else seems to say very much on important issues like this one.

      • To be fair, British Naturism is a members’ organisation and therefore it must provide something for those who pay good money for their membership. So in a sense they need to be a ‘social scene naturist club’ in order to attract and keep those members and their money coming, which in turn pays for Malcolm’s work as Director of Campaigns (although like all BN’s directors he gives his time freely). Both BN and Naturist Action Group (of which I’m chairman) have to work with the resources available. BN needs members in order to function, we need donations, and not of just money, a deliberate choice as we wanted to focus on campaigning. To protest takes time, money and organisation. Sadly too many people are prepared to leave it to someone else to fight the good fight.

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