3 comments on “” Outdated Attitudes “

  1. Very good article! We’ll be sharing it at All-Nudist.com.

    Now, on a different topic, a couple of suggestions. You have no post listings at all (WP has a widget for this) or categories (ditto). Not so good for site navigation.

    There’s a simple code you can also use to create an index page with all postings in chronological order, and it self-updates! Here’s ours on our OLD WP site as an example: http://allnudist.wordpress.com/archive-listing-of-articles/

    Now, when we set up that index page years ago (and still working fine!), all it took was to create a new page, title it, and add whatever text you wish in the content section and on a seperat line type:


    You won’t see anything there, but when published you’ll have something like our example. Then just add a link to it on your sidebar.

    It is SO important that your readers be able to find more than just what you posted today; they need to find more!

    If you ever want any more unsolicited advice, please feel free to ask! We spent years on WP and finally learned that if you have a question, ask Google, not WP support!

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