6 comments on “” The human body is a marvel “

  1. You are “preaching to the choir” with me, because the more I study the human body, the more awed I am of its capabilities and functions. Conceiving and bearing new life is perhaps one of the most miraculous, yet natural things we do, often with little thought. People talk about “miracle-babies” without realizing that EVERY baby is a miracle. From the inhospitable environment of a woman’s vagina, to the tortuous path a sperm must traverse to fertilize a ripe egg, it is a wonder that ANY babies are conceived, and yet they are every day. As the father of four children, I had the awesome privilege of witnessing the birth of all of my children, and I participated in the birth of my first-born. The doctor wasn’t ready when mother and baby were, so I got to CATCH her in my arms…my own flesh and blood, my baby girl being born. Yes, I WAS a mess afterwards, but I wouldn’t have changed those messy scrubs for anything, because they were the evidence of something marvelous – childbirth. That event, which happened over 33 years ago, is as fresh in my mind as if it had happened yesterday, and it is a memory that I dearly-treasure.

    Until we start appreciating our marvelous bodies, we will always have problems accepting them as they are – a marvel of design, miracles of the highest-order. This is another one of the conversations that is long-overdue. Thank you for starting it!

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