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  2. Great article. I wish there were more studies into social nudity and its effects on various groups of people. Then again it seems ludicrous to have to prove through scientific research that it’s OK to have the shape of a human being among other humans.

    I disagree on one point about erections though. I wrote about it not long ago. It’s not true that they don’t happen in social/nudist settings. See my thoughts on this here: https://nakeddiaries.wordpress.com/2014/12/10/hard-issues/

    • Thanks for your comment people have strange ways when nudity is talked about,only naturists seem at ease with it. As far as erections are concerned its all a matter of self control. If you want it to happen that’s one thing but after attending events,clubs,beaches etc I’ve never had an occasion to worry.

      • Yes, but they do happen. I’ve never personally seen any in public either (maybe because when they do happen, most nudists know how to hide them), but there are written accounts on the matter. After I’ve done research on it, I’ve decided to speak out about it, as I think it unfair to lie (even if unknowingly) to potential nudists who would be much more comfortable knowing what to do in such situations.

  3. I admit I only scanned you article, perhaps too quickly, looking for “Growing Up without Shame” to see what your opinion was. As an assignment for my Graduate Diploma, Educational Studies I seemed to worry the person who had to mark my assignment. She’d been ‘afraid’ that I’d include pictures from the book, which in itself says ‘something’.

    • The problem with everyone (nearly everyone) is that they get told that open nudity is wrong once they get to puberty. This gets ingrained into peoples personalities and then they see it as just sexual. I was no different really but from early on in my teens i found nudity appealing and natural,just never put in into practice until my late twenties. For any study even my blog,providing its doesn’t show sexually explicit nudity and is not sexually orientated,I’d write what i wanted too. After all isn’t that what studies are suppose to do show creativity and freedom of expression ?

  4. “Think of the Children!”
    By Duncan Heenan
    About 4 years ago BN and Naturist Action Group (NAG) agreed a joint project to look in to the way the police & law courts approach incidents involving nudity in public places. In doing so we received numerous reports, attended many trials and helped out where we could. Most were cases of garden, beach or countryside nudity, either brought or threatened under the infamous Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1988. To fall foul of this act your behaviour must be ‘likely to cause harassment alarm or distress’. Inevitably, much of the argument in court revolved around whether non-sexual, non-aggressive nudity is capable of this. However, in virtually every case, the prosecution asserted that ‘a child could have seen’. This appeared to bring on the automatic assumption that, whatever the effect (or lack of it) of the sight of a naked person may be on an adult, it was bound to cause alarm to a child. The reasoning or truth (if any) behind this statement went unquestioned, even by most of the defence lawyers disappointingly. It seems that, in the justice system at least, it is simply accepted as one of life’s truths that children should not be exposed to nudity.
    It appears that this belief is also quite widely held within the general public, both here and elsewhere in the world. Comments on the subject are often peppered with references to nudity not being suitable for children – even the film classification system incorporates it. But no one ever explains why this is the ‘accepted wisdom’ on the subject, when there is no real evidence to base it on. It goes unchallenged so widely that people are becoming scared to question the notion at all in case they are considered weirdos with sinister motives. The ‘precautionary principle’ which surrounds anything to do with children nowadays is taken to such extremes as to begin to preclude common sense, or even science. BN Campaigns Director, Malcolm Boura, summed this up at the recent BN convention when he said “The moment someone shouts ‘Think of the children!’, all thought stops.” It reminds us of the old speech margin note – ‘weak argument, shout louder’.
    This subject occupied a session at the 2014 BN Convention, as it seems to be a stumbling block for public acceptance of Naturism generally, as well a legal threat and anomaly. We need to address this issue rather than hoping it will go away, and various options for doing so were looked at. As well as our general campaigning, it has been decided that BN and NAG will be setting up a special campaign project on this, with a view to trying to interest a thoroughly respectable academic institution in carrying out a rigorous and objective study of the subject. In the past there have been several studies of the effect on children of exposure to nudity, all with positive conclusions. But they are all now out of date, some were of questionable objectivity, and some were concerned with different cultural contexts. We will be looking for an end product which would have the same power as an expert witness in Court, and which people would feel confident in quoting anywhere. This could be of worldwide importance to naturism, and a study may need an international dimension.
    It may be that you can help in some way? If so please get in touch. Perhaps you are involved in the world of child development or psychology, or have connections in the academic world, or the world of academic funding? We are not looking for volunteers to actually do the study, only to help us find the right people to do so. We do not have the skills or resources to do such work ourselves, and in any case it has to be completely unbiased to have value. If you have any information, suggestions or comments which you think may help, please contact Duncan Heenan by email on: Duncan.Heenan@naturistactiongroup.org, by Personal Message via the BN website, or write to him at Dolphins House, Boxers Lane, Niton, Isle of Wight, PO38 2BH.

    • We managed to attend the 2013 convention but not last years unfortunately and in general naturists tend to be level headed. Its the people in the government sectors and the media who set the standards that people think by,many people don’t really think for themselves and question things. I used to own a business and was probably the same,during the past 4 years I haven’t been in work very much 😦 so I tend to question things a lot, but these days its a case of where do you start,there’s so much going wrong. I agree with you on needing to address the issues,its more a case of how do we convince the general public etc rather than just shout and stick up for ourselves.

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