8 comments on “” Easter Naturists “

    • Glad you like what I post….life can be difficult sometimes but luckily we’re able to turn the other cheek so to speak and forget all our troubles if only for a weekend 🙂

  1. We love this time of year because it is the re-birth of nature. The plants and birds are all happy, flowering and singing. Plus there are now days that clothing can be discarded outdoors and one can enjoy nature as intended. Walking around outdoors witnessing this rebirth with nothing more than a cup of our favorite brew is indeed a slice of heaven.

  2. Good news the time has changed in our favour, spring is here – warmer weather – but best of all our “Clothes Optional” campsite at Bolding Way, Weybourne is allowed to reopen (thanks planners)! We have 10 pitches and 4 yurts (the yurts all have linen and elec inc) Hope to see you sometime in 2015?!
    All the best, for a contiued blog
    Jenny & Charlie

    • Glad to hear your good news Charlie after the demise of Merryhill. Do you have an advert you’d like to post on this site ?

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