” Cautionary advice – Please read ! “

“This blog does contain nudity but I see it as normal human nudity” rather than anything sexual. It has come to my attention that this blog is being linked to sites that contain content of an adult nature or others that are not really interested in naturism. While I cannot control what others publish on the Internet, I prefer to distance myself from such websites. We believe that adult-oriented material is incompatible with genuine naturism and do not wish to encourage any associations that we feel are detrimental to naturism in any way. My/Our philosophy is that there is nothing shameful about the human body, and we consider ‘naked’ to be a perfectly decent state of dress in an appropriate environment. Normal social conventions apply in naturism, and any behaviour that would be inappropriate in an equivalent non-naturist context is not welcome. If you found this blog through a genuine interest in naturism, I hope that you will take enjoyment from my genuine naturist blog. If you discovered this blog via an adult oriented site, then I respectfully ask you to consider whether you are a genuine naturist and if this is what you’re really looking for.

13 comments on “” Cautionary advice – Please read ! “

  1. We agree with your above statement 100% being labeled adult material is not the way to present Human Beings.

    “Without Clothing”
    When we connect without clothing through our senses–sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch–we can be one with the creator.
    Being without clothing is a deeply spiritual experience that allows us to submit to the creator and feel fully alive, awake, humble, sensual and ecstatic!
    It can help us to achieve a wonderful state of connectedness and peace, allowing the flow of our vital life-force energy. 
    In the context of connecting deeply with the creator and with our true selves, being without clothing can free up our energies to fully integrate with the universe, of which we are a part.

    To truly be without clothing is to be totally unconstrained and to be at one with the creator.

    The fact that human beings without clothes are called ‘Naked’ isn’t correct, human beings without artificial covering are just Human Beings like a horse is a Horse, cat is a Cat.

    • Personally I think the sexual urges humans get come from what’s in the mind and also comes from touch. Being naked around other naked people is pleasant with the overriding enjoyment coming from the unhindered sense of freedom that comes when you undress.

    • Right on! As a newb naturist/nudist, I have seen for myself (as a former skeptic re: naturism) that your words are right on point.

  2. I like your approach. We humans have built up a culture which seeks to ensure in some ways false modesty an in others, exploitation of nudity. Going without clothes is normal, comfortable and liberating. It is also a very rewarding experience when shared in a social way.

    • Thank you…it’s very much a case of what the problem.We’re all taught about nature at school,then they try and tell you through news and media channels that nudity is terrible.After that the authorities take away our rights making something that’s very natural and innocent into something bordering on seedy.

    • I agree about being on a beach wearing nothing at all. The feel of the air and sun on the body is very special.

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