13 comments on “” Hippie Culture “

  1. Thanks, this is all very interesting. I recognise and remember so many to the names and events described here. proud to say that I have been there and done that.

    • I was alive have done things similar but was years too late but lived it through the music in the 80s

    • Just an appetizer…maybe…difficult to factulize when you weren’t there…thank Wikipedia gives me something to do while its p**sing down outside lol

      • LOL! No, you did a great job, speaking as one who was only on the fringes but saw some of these things happening via television and the news.

        I became more personally involved after military service during the Vietnam debacle, and then experienced part of the ‘lifestyle’. It was a very interesting time, and I later became (and remain) friends with some of the most notorious figures of that era. That perspective alone would be worthy of an entire book or documentary, and HAS been!

        Very much appreciated this article, thank you!

  2. What an interesting and informative article..I I think your website is excellent and I follow it closely.Thanks

  3. The first picture in Ethos and characteristics is from Wilderland. This is an ecological community just south of Whitianga in New Zealand. It has just celebrated 50 years. Wilderland was founded by Dan Hansen in 1964 to provide a practical example of how it was possible to live and farm in a sustainable and self-sufficient way rather than as an intentional community. The hey day of Wilderland was in the 1970s and was held in high regard by the Labour Government of time. The picture was taken in 1975 and is from the book Hard won freedom. The picture, incidentally, without the naked man was used until fairly recently on the main page of the Wilderland web site. The paddock where the picture was taken is still there. The land today is controlled by a Trust and is developed into orchard and commercial garden areas and is home to around 20 enthusiastic young people and a number of WOOFers. In the early years nudity was pretty much commonplace at Wilderland so much so that it was locally known as “Naked city” and some residents would work naked. Today it is more on the back burner excepting the practice of skinny dipping in the harbour.

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