11 comments on “” Essex Naturists Meet & Greet “

  1. Hi
    We are a couple who are interested in naturism although we only do this around the house.
    We would love to go to your next m and g meeting if we can make it.

    • Hi unfortunately the meet and greet sort of finished as we never really got much support or enquiries from new naturists. At our club we do encourage membership by offering a free visit to interested parties. If you’re are interested in visiting let me know or if you want any other information on naturism please just ask 😊

    • If you just want to get naked and enjoy the weather Bradwell is far better as St.Osyth is seedy in my honest opinion 😢

      • Yes just want to try it in a safe place thought bradwell is not a official naturist spot ? Also do many people go there?

      • It’s not official however nowhere needs to be official because nudity on a beach isn’t illegal 😊

      • Read this 😊https://freewilluk.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/unofficially-naked/

      • Looks good would just be as nervous if no one was there because I wouldn’t be sure if it was accepted, might try st osyth first then try bradwell

      • Forget the nerves trust me 😊 go during the week if you can you’ll probably see no one else 😘

      • Well I went to st osyth today !
        Was cloudy with odd breaks of sun so a little cold , stayed to the first part of the naturist reserve and got naked all I can say it was fantastic!
        Was no one else there at first so I had a walk and then went to lay down out of the breeze, then about 20 mins later men fully clothed walking up and down the beach which put me off a little if they would of been naked as well I wouldn’t of cared
        Still had fun and even took a pic of myself ( only because no one there at the time)

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