6 comments on “” Heatwave “

  1. Excellent post and one I agree with whole heartedly, especially when you say that nudity should just be another form of dress. For me nudism doesn’t require any huge lifestyle change, it is simply about accepting that nudity can be an acceptable form of dress. When it is as hot as it has been the last few weeks, it is often the most appropriate form of dress.

  2. Well said! I’ve been a nudist for many years, it’s difficult to define it to non-nudists. Thanks from USA.

  3. Agree with everything you have said, very good article! I’ve been reading a fair bit about the British heatwave via the mainstream news agencies over there & I hope that come our Spring/Summer we have people over here doing the same.

    PS: If you think you’re having a heatwave now, come down under in our Summer & experience 45C +… (or go to some parts of America) LOL

  4. It’s weather like this that makes you wish nudity was more accepted in society.

    Anytime I’m out and about when it’s this hot is almost unbearable due to having to be fully clothed. I can never wait to get back home and strip off. 😛

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