18 comments on “” Why naturism is such a tough sell for our clothing restricted societies “

  1. We run a clothes optional policy with our holiday cottages – each cottage is separate and private but the hot tub is available to all our guests on a clothes optional bases.
    Our campsite is also clothes optional and when some customers get to this point the phone just gets put down. But they must be the ones who can not read! May be that is the problem people now only read pictures and not text?!

    Those that try the option in their own time normally say- “why all the fuss, its great!!”
    In fact we had a comment year before last that summed it up for us, the couple where in their 70’s and wanted to tick a naked holiday off their bucket list! The departing comment after 5 days was -“what a waste of the last 50 years of holidays, when could have been spent them like this – free as the day we where born – it’s been one of the best holidays we have ever had – so liberating!”

    A happy holiday is the best one you will ever have!

    • I agree Charlie the first time we did naturist camping,we visited Bolding Way,unfortunately the weekend was blighted by the weather we still had a good time.

  2. I agree that the nudity=sex trope is definitely a huge factor, but from the textiles’ point of view, there’s more to it than that. For them, it’s the same psychological response as if people were to come into a nudist resort trying to practice and preach public sex.

    Every society has its own cultural norms and standards of behavior. These boundaries are learned from infancy and reinforced over the course of a lifetime. Expression of individuality is permitted within these boundaries, but straying beyond them is met with censures ranging from mild disapproval to imprisonment.

    Through parenting (prior to, through, and beyond sexual puberty), and in social circles, media, and our judicial system, 99% of American society is conditioned to believe that personal nudity in public is a definite “NO THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR”.

    This consistently reinforced message is the underlying reason why simply trying to explain the distinction between nudity and sexuality is so ineffective at promoting acceptance of social nudism.

    The most effective tool against this conditioning is visual media depicting social nudism as accepted behavior, especially in television and social media. Books, magazines, and museums are great (keep using them!), but nothing is more powerful than visual representations when it comes to making impressions on the minds of generations.

    That’s why I recommend, when we see body-positive, nudist-friendly shows or commercials, we write positive feedback to the networks and companies responsible. Praise them for their courage and progressiveness, and state that this will result in your continued patronage of their program or product.

    Continue on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media sites to encourage nudist-friendly activism. Movements such as the #FreeTheNipple campaign and Andy Golub’s NYC BodyPainting Day events have exploded across the internet, promoting body acceptance and other nudist values.

    I’ve spoken to the younger generation and found that they are much more accepting of non-sexual (and sexual) nudity than in prior decades. Instances of positive visual media are making a difference, so let’s help guide media towards providing more of the same.

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  4. The battle against porn hijacking terms such as “Naturist” and “Nudists” is an always uphill battle, but sometimes you get little victories… for example when I first started my website mudeyman.com when you searched on Google for “Nudeyman” it would spit out results for “Nude Man” with 99.99% of the results being linked to porn sites.

    But now when you search all you see are my website/Instagram/Facebook and other websites I’ve been active on 🙂

    We need to keep doing this…ie: diluting the porn use of “our” search terms 😉

  5. Reblogged this on Nudeyman and commented:
    The battle against porn hijacking terms such as Nudist & Naturist is always uphill… but we must keep diluting the nude=sex message any way we can.

  6. I think you sum up nicely what naturism is all about and the major challenge it faces. Getting the true message out is difficult because it doesn’t make a good story to those selling newspaper/magazine space.

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