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” Topsy Turvy “

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Since Easter we’ve visited the club a further three times each time its got a little warmer, but really at no time could you ever say it was a heat wave.  With temperatures mid way through last week (w/e 18th) hitting 25c we were hoping the forecast would be a little out and allow us some quality naked time. The forecast was for sun on all three days but with a north east wind this would mean it would be a little chilly under clear skies. This it proved to be although we did manage a little sunbathing it was just for an hour or two on Saturday afternoon.

WP_20150419_017 WP_20150418_009

The weekend was still wonderfully pleasant with hardly anyone about and with time to spare as well we got nearly all the jobs I wanted to do done. The chalets really coming on a treat and its a nice to spend weekends out of the city.Once again the best weather nearly always been mid week when everyone’s at work and it tales off as we reach Friday. During the following week I’m job hunting looking at all the election news, doing housework, getting supplies, thinking about more chalet renovations and occasionally going out for the odd walk. Hopefully soon Ginny’s back will be better and maybe we both can go out walking once again.

100_0871 DSCF6133 556983_254901304602627_100002482787809_508796_333156086_n

With all the warm weather around in the UK and in Ireland, stories continuously surface about naturist activities and whilst reading through some you still get the vibes that naturists are just seen as oddballs. Maybe its the people who write the stories that put the slant on what’s written,but in all our naturist travels, I’ve only ever met normal people acting normally, maybe its the people who think nudity is abnormal who are the real oddballs.

1391014803 Nude_in_the_Woods

Scotland’s first official nudist camp is going to be held in a Dumfriesshire forest this summer.The clothes-free gathering is being organised by the Scottish branch of British Naturism.The organisation hopes the weekend of luxury camping – featuring hot tubs, tipis and a hog roast – will help to transform its image and dispel images of leaky chalets and rain-lashed volleyball courts.


In Ireland the recent spell of beautiful weather has brought the issue of naturists having their own beach, or section of beach into focus, and calls to legalise the practice are growing all the time. Naturism is common place in Europe and a debate is gaining momentum to have it legalised in Ireland. At present, people wishing to bare their essentials, are flouting the law and run the risk of being arrested. But is that fair? This group of people are not regarded as a threat to anyone, and they just want to practice their passion in private, but cannot do so in a public place like Donabate beach.Donabate has long had a reputation as a naturists’ haven, where people take to the secluded dunes to bare all in an effort to pursue their passion.

800px-Formentera_naturist,more_mioooooooooo DPP_0002

A Spanish naturist group is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights to defend the right to strip off on beaches in Catalunya. Reports that the town of Castell-Platja d’Aro to the north of Barcelona banned naturism on its beaches in 2009 to appease visiting families, a decision the Catalan Naturist Club has been fighting ever since. The ruling was upheld first at the regional high court in Catalunya, and then at Spain’s supreme court this week, leaving the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg as the final option of appeal for the naturists.

map06-mapa_vegueries_catalunya_1843 DPP_0008

Its seems stupid that people are having to fight for their rights to be normal natural human beings, whilst the media manipulating multinational agencies create a sexually stimulated  arena of models and the like, that is anything but natural.The last weekend in April came and went and again we took the opportunity to visit the club as it was a work party weekend. It was well attended and lots got done, so hopefully now,when the early summer sun really shines, we can all just sit back, relax and socialise and hopefully top up our all over tans.

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” Starting Off “



These days people seem to need guidance in most things whether or not they actually asked for it. Maybe it’s down to the fact anything can now be found out on the internet and that people aren’t as inquisitive and resourceful as they once were. What I’m trying to say is its seems, it’s a case of “why should I try to change or create something when it’s already on the internet for me to use ?”Going out and finding out about new things and new experiences for oneself is far more rewarding than taking things as read, from wpid-4d06a2a03eede282501223.1000x1000u.jpgthe internet or even second hand from someone else. I recently reposted another how to guide from another source but I found it interesting that wiki-how actually has a page on  “ How to Become a Nudist ” It’s maybe interesting to perspective first timers so I’ve recreated here  “ How to Become a Nudist ” “Three Methods: Understanding Nudism, Practicing at Home, Joining Nudist Communities”. There are numerous advantages to the nudist lifestyle, including the pleasure of feeling the sun all over your body, no tan lines, and the healthy self-confidence that naturism reflects. Many people are ready to try nudism, yet don’t know how or where to practice it. Start with Step 1 below to increase your comfort with nudism and help you find ways and places to spend time nude

“ How to Become a Nudist ”

Three Methods: Understanding Nudism, Practicing at Home, Joining Nudist Communities


Method  1 of 3: Understanding Nudism

Step 1

Recognize that nudity is natural. We are born naked and it is our natural state. Clothing keeps us warm and is often necessary to wear in public, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be worn at all times. There’s a time for letting your natural self just be. Imagine the freedom that will come with feeling the air and sun touch your skin everywhere, not just places that are normally exposed.

Step 2

Get to know the purpose of nudism. Nudism, also called naturism, is about more than the simple act of being nude; it’s also about getting closer to nature. In your natural state, there are no boundaries between yourself and the natural world. How freeing and exhilarating would it feel to lie naked on the beach, or under a tree, one with the natural world and comfortable in your own skin? People choose naturism to reach this particular height of happiness.

Step 3

Know that nudity isn’t always sexual. Yes, people have sex naked, but nudity itself does not have to be sexual. Revealing clothing is often more sexually suggestive than being totally naked, since it leaves more to the imagination. If you’re worried that becoming a naturist means you’re opening yourself up to unwanted sexual encounters, know that for many naturists, it’s about being free and natural, not lecherous. •Being a naturist is not about having public sex or exposing yourself to others. Many naturists are modest people who choose naturism for the above reasons, and not in order to sexually connect with people.


Method 2 of 3: Practicing at Home

Step 1

Sleep naked. Not topless or in your underwear, completely naked. Sleeping naked promotes relaxation and thus improves the quality of your sleep. On warm nights, sleep naked and skip bed-coverings, too, and see how good you feel fully exposed to the open air. If you find sleeping naked difficult, work your way up to it. Shed one piece of clothing, for example your pyjama top, and when you’re accustomed to sleeping without that, shed the next piece, and so on until you’re sleeping nude. Try opening a window near your bed (keeping the blinds closed) to let a breeze in. Remember that part of being a naturist is to feel closer to the natural world.

Step 2

Spend as much time as you can around the house naked. Stay naked after a shower. Towel dry and go about the rest of your routine naked. Advance to being naked while you’re eating, while you’re cleaning, and especially while you’re relaxing, be it in front of the TV, with a good book or sunning in your backyard. If you exercise at home, do it naked, unless it’s uncomfortable not to wear a sports bra. Remember to respect others’ boundaries when it comes to nudity. When you’re naked in your house, keep the blinds and curtains closed. Don’t sunbathe nude in the yard unless you have a high privacy fence.

Step 3

Talk to your partner about nudism. Being naked in a nonsexual way with your partner may take your intimacy to the next level, plus it means you’ll be able to stay naked when he or she is in the house. Discuss whether this is something you could explore together. If your partner isn’t into it, ask if he or she would be comfortable with you doing it by yourself.


Method 3 of 3: Joining Nudist Communities

Step 1

Locate a nudist community. An online search will help you locate your nearest nudist club or beach. Once you’re comfortable being naked at home, take the next step and visit the naturist community. Be sure you know the rules and expectations of the community before you go. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy hinder you. Once you visit a nudist community, you’ll realize that everyone is different in some way and that none of it is wrong. The visitors aren’t worrying about their bodies, or yours, they’re simply there to enjoy the pleasure of naturism in a friendly environment.Participate in online forums. These can be great resources for people who want to discuss the life of a naturist and swap information on good naturist destinations.

Step 2

Take a nudist holiday. France is an excellent nudist destination, famous for its nude beaches. If France is too far, closer to home you should be able to find clothing-optional resorts, natural mountain hot springs for nude soaking, and skinny-dipping spots.

Step 3

Continue to be naked whenever you can. Check out your local laws regarding being topless in public, including at parks, swimming pools and at the beach. Likewise, you can participate in one of the fun naked bike rides that take place the world over. Go nude where it is appropriate, hiking, nature reserves. Be comfortable with yourself and by experience one can go nude as long you don’t upset other people.

” Easter Naturists “


Here in this house we’re always looking at the weather forecast and hoping there’s good weather on the way. Once the clocks go forward, we look towards Easter and the chance to visit our club and start the lifestyle  that is so in keeping with nature. Easter is one of those yearly occasions that always happens but is never in the same place so making plan around it can be illusive. It’s the first Sunday after the fourth full moon of the year,hence the reason Easter can move around by up to four weeks. Last year it was late Easter Sunday fell on April 20th this year it fell early being on the 5th.

WP_20150407_7816 WP_20150405_001 WP_20150407_6280

So when Easter was suddenly upon us,just like last year I found myself with some jobs done and some with renovations still to do as the holiday period arrived. Spring is just the perfect time to head off for a long weekend, and a rural retreat makes a great option. A countryside naturist retreat offers the freedom to relax naked in peaceful surroundings,walking around through woodlands, wildlife-spotting, and discovering what tranquility the English countryside has to offer. The plan we had was to head over to the club on Good Friday and stay right through to Easter Monday afternoon and complete any outstanding work during the periods of glorious sunshine.

WP_20150406_020 WP_20150406_026 WP_20150330_014

As last week approached we saw all our plans disappear right up the swany (up in smoke)  as the dreaded rain arrived on Wednesday. Even so we were determined to relax finally out of the house, so we delayed our trip for 24 hours and headed off on Saturday morning.   As with all first overnight visits we has to take all the bedding and such over, as well as the food so we ended up arriving at the club at around 10.30am. After saying hello to the only other people on site, we unpacked all the things we’d brought with us which also included a new blind for the window,three new indoor lights and also a new kettle.

WP_20150406_001 WP_20150327_7488 DSCF4305

It was touch and go whether the blind would fit as the box it came in was around 20cm longer than the blind,which when attached to the wall fitted with an inch to spare. Next were the lights which we had three,with wire so thin it became difficult to attach to the three different types of cable already installed.

Image1    C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_950295

Two worked perfectly, one didn’t probably because of faulty internal wiring but we put it up nevertheless. Once done we had a cuppa and lunch before heading on out for some beer and a new battery. By about 5pm it was all done so after making the bed, we stripped off and we headed to the sauna. The evening was spent in the company of Budweiser and Guinness and a game of trivial pursuit which I won 6-1.

WP_20150404_005 WP_20150405_021 WP_20150404_006

 Saturday night was cold ,ohhh so cold, but apart from the odd comfort break, passed uneventfully. Easter Sunday morning was spent doing the odd few jobs and after a meeting we relaxed in the afternoon sun, which had started to appear. It even got  warm enough to strip off and watch the wildlife…two wood pigeons, two ducks and a noisy squirrels.  Once we’d used up all the bread it was time for a game of pétanque…still naked of course,again I was the winner.  The evening was glorious even though with clear skies it was cold, so it was back inside another sauna, dinner which was burgers and potato wedges,some more drinks and scrabble this time which I got trounced.

WP_20150405_4514 P1010014

The night time was noisy with a far off banging, keeping us awake for most of the night. I did make sure that the banging was offsite in the bright early morning sunshine,which it was, but what it actually was I’ve no idea. Muffins again for breakfast, coffee for me, tea for her.

SUNFORCE 5 Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger at West Marine  Homemade-English-Muffins-1024x768 WP_20150409_001

Last things to do before heading home,was moving a solar light and putting up a trickle feed solar panel, which will now have to wait till next weekend, as a extension lead is now required. I packed up the bedding, then found out that the bigger light fitting is now preventing the bed from closing”just typical”then we headed for home.


” Time for Renovations “


Its spring at last, so for the best part of a month our thoughts have been on returning to our naturist club here in England, while at the same time we’re hoping there’s lots of good summer weather to come. At some naturist clubs here in England there is no accommodation at all, at others just room for tents, others do have cabins/chalets, while the bigger ones allow tents, caravans and motorhomes. Our club comes in the middle category and spring is a time when chalet renovations take place. This normally means regular visits for most, but also it helps if you can adapt your chalet to most suit your own needs. Here’s a quick guide for a cabin, chalet or shed owner anyone in fact….naturist or not.

shed-ideas-6 31701399__G_FYcj5VBJTlbGkAxUDlVcnFfXFGvNyOaA6ak9lRzo

From the Outside……

Question to ask yourself  !

How’s is your Chalet looking ?….The spring sunshine is wonderful, but it tends to highlight any winter damage and show up the tatty bits too. If the structure itself has suffered a little in the winter, you’ll need to get busy with restoration in spring before being able to relax during the summer.

How often should I paint my Chalet ?…Once a year is great, doing this can keep the exterior in good condition for many years after its sell-by date. The colour needs to be in keeping with the harmony of the surroundings area but that doesn’t necessarily mean just brown or green. While a multi coloured carnival design might get the thumbs down, there are many other colours and shades which would enhance the surroundings.

Wood_Venetian_Bay zoom_asset_16745590 125934_8713016771452667776292

Going Inside……

Once we’ve restored our chalet to its pre-winter glory on the outside, how about transforming it on the inside. It’s amazing how colour can transform the inside of a chalet as we found out  and it can be done relatively cheaply, with the offers that are around in the hardware stores right now. We didn’t just plump for White, Beige or Cream we went for a bright colour “Lime Green” and made it feel homely. Moving on to other ideas, blinds can be a better alternative to curtains giving it a modern feel. Having a foldaway bed can give you more space to relax in, should the weather turn for the worst and if you need a cuppa, camping stoves and fridges can give you a refreshment opportunity should you need an early morning cuppa.

71p5002x-GL__SL1500_ 266031-9-box-storage-rack-blue c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_o0814_104005_01

Discount stores like Home Bargains, Poundland and Poundstretcher provide all sorts of furniture, décor, household and hardware items that are useful and inexpensive too, items such as Interior Dehumidifier at under £1 and storage racks at under £20. As with all renovations you can upgrade and spend more money, some club members already have solar panels fitted and these can vary in price and efficiency but they do provide renewable ‘free’ energy to power TV’s, radios, lights and heaters. All in all thoughtful renovations can turn your Cabin, Chalet or Shed into a ‘palace’ fit for many days enjoyment throughout the year.


Even if you’re not a naturist you can still make that tatty old shed at the bottom of the garden into your own little hideaway and use some of the ideas I’ve mentioned here, so go on get out there.

wood-shed-with-green-grass-roof-sliding-doors-overhanging-roof Image1 7b6d6414aaab0e9f57f0f8a6d1b8c1bd

” Solar Power – Glossary of Terms “


So ok not everyone knows about electronics and solar power so here’s a few pointers to what things mean :

Alternating Current (AC) – An electric current that reverses direction periodically

Amorphous Semiconductor – A non-crystalline semiconductor material that has no long range order

Amorphous Silicon – A thin film Solar PV silicon cell with no crystalline structure that is manufactured by depositing layers of doped silicon on a substrate

Angle of Incidence – The angle at which the light rays strike the earth’s surface

Anti-Reflection Coating – A thin coating of a material that is applied to a Solar PV surface to reduce the light reflection and increases light absorption

Array – A number of Solar PV modules connected together electrically, to provide a single electrical output. (Also Solar PV panels)

Azimuth – The horizontal angle measured from true north, in a clockwise direction

Blocking Diode – A diode used to prevent current from flowing towards a failed Solar PV module or from a battery to the Solar PV array during periods of darkness or low current production

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) – A term for the design and integration of Solar PV devices into the envelope of a building, typically by replacing conventional building materials

Bypass Diode – A diode connected in parallel with a Solar PV module to provided an alternative current path (by-pass) in case of module shading or failure

Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) – A thin film Solar PV technology used in the production of Solar PV modules

Cell – A Solar PV cell (also called photovoltaic cell) is a solid state device that converts the energy of sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect

Charge Controller – A device in a Solar PV system that controls the charging rate and/or state of charge for batteries

CIS (or CIGS) – Copper Indium Gallium Selenide – A thin film Solar PV technology used in the production of Solar PV modules

Crystalline Silicon – the most prevalent bulk material for Solar PV cells (monocrystalline and polycrystalline)

Clean Energy Cashback – The name of the UK Government Feed in Tariff’s scheme

Converter – A device used in Solar PV systems to convert electrical direct current (DC) voltage to another DC voltage

Diffuse Radiation – Radiation received from the sun after reflection and scattering by the atmosphere and ground

Diode – Electronic component that allows current flow in one direction only (Also Blocking Diode and By-Pass Diode)

Direct Beam Radiation – Radiation received by direct solar rays

Direct Current (DC) – Electric current flowing in only one direction

Efficiency – The ratio of output power (or energy) to input power (or energy) expressed as a percentage

Electricity Grid – An electricity distribution network (Also Grid)

Feed in Tariffs – Feed in tariffs is a government sponsored incentive scheme designed to encourage the introduction of renewable energy sources

Fixed Tilt Array – A Solar PV array set in a fixed angle with respect to the horizontal

Flat Plate Array – A PV array that consists of non-concentrating Solar PV modules

Flexible Thin Film Solar – Flexible thin film cells and modules are created by depositing the photoactive layer and other necessary layers on a flexible background material

Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) – A compound of the elements gallium and arsenic. A highly efficient crystalline semiconductor used in Solar PV modules

Grid – A transmission line electricity distribution network (Also Electricity Grid)

Grid Connected System – A Solar PV system in which the array acts like a central generating plant, supplying power to the electricity grid. (Also Grid-Tie System and On-Grid)

Hybrid System – A Solar PV system that includes other sources of electricity generation, such as wind turbines, small hydro or diesel generators

Insolation – The solar radiation incident on an area over time. Equivalent to energy and usually expressed in kilowatt-hours per square metre

Inverter – In a Solar PV system an inverter converts Direct Current (DC) to alternating Current (AC)

Irradiance – The solar power incident on a surface. Irradiance is usually expressed in kilowatts per square metre. Irradiance multiplied by time equals insolation

I-V Curve – The plot of current versus voltage characteristics of a Solar PV cell, module or array. Three important  points on the I-V curve are the opening-circuit voltage, short-circuit current and peak power operating point

Kilowatt (kW) – A unit of power equal to one thousand Watts

Load – Is the amount of electric power used by an electrical appliance at any given time

Maximum Power Point or Peak Power Point – That point on an I-V curve that represents the largest area rectangle that can be drawn under the curve. Operating a Solar PV array at that voltage will produce maximum power

Module – The smallest replaceable unit in a Solar PV array. An integral, encapsulated unit containing a number of Solar PV cells. (Also Solar Modules and Solar PV modules)

Monocrystalline Silicon –Single crystal wafer cells cut from cylindrical ingots. Produced made using the Czochralski process

N-Type Silicon – A Solar PV silicon material that has been doped with a material that has more electrons in its atomic structure than does silicon.

Orientation – Placement with respect to the cardinal directions, North, South, East and West. Azimuth is the measure of orientation from the North

Panel – A number of Solar PV cells combined together in a single unit (Also Solar Panel and Solar PV Panel)

Peak Load – The maximum load demand on a Solar PV system

Photovoltaic Cell – The treated semiconductor material that converts solar irradiance to electricity

Photovoltaic System – An installation of Solar PV modules and other components designed to produce power from sunlight and meet the power demand for a designated load.

Polycrystalline Silicon – A material used to make Solar PV cells which are made from large blocks of molten silicon carefully cooled and solidified. (Also Multicrystalline silicon)

Pyranometer – An instrument used for measuring global solar irradiance

Pyrheliometer – An instrument used for measuring direct beam solar irradiance. It uses an  aperture of 5.7 degrees to transcribe the solar disc

Semiconductor – A material that has limited capacity for conducting electricity. The silicon used to make Solar PV cells is a semiconductor

Silicon (Si) – The most common semiconductor material used in Solar PV devices

Single Crystal Silicon – Solar PV material with a single crystalline formation

Solar Cell – A Solar PV cell (also called photovoltaic cell) is a solid state device that converts the energy of sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect

Solar Module – The smallest non divisible unit in a Solar PV Array (Also Solar PV Panel, Photovoltaic Module)

Stand Alone System – A Solar PV system that operates independently of the utility grid

Standard Test Conditions – Conditions under which a Solar PV module is typically tested in a laboratory

String – A number of Solar PV modules or Solar PV panels interconnected electrically in series to produce the operating voltage required by the load. (Also Solar Array)

System Operating Voltage – The voltage output of a Solar PV array under load. The system operating voltage is dependent on the load of batteries connected to the output terminals

Tilt Angle – The angle of inclination of a Solar PV collector measured from the horizontal

Thin Film Solar PV – A Solar PV cell that is made by depositing one or more thin layers (thin film) of Solar PV material on a substrate. The thickness range of such a layer is wide and varies from a few nanometres to tens of micrometers

Tracking Array – A Solar PV array that is mounted on a moveable structure that follows the path of the sun in order to maximise the array output

Triple Junction – Three extremely thin single junction cells, with different bandgaps, stacked on top of one another

Utility Interactive Inverter – An inverter that can function only when tied to the utility grid, and uses the prevailing line-voltage frequency on the utility line as a control parameter to ensure that the PV systems output is fully synchronised with the utility power

Wafer – A thin sheet of semiconductor material produced by mechanically slicing it from a single crystal or multicrystal ingot or casting

Zenith Angle – The angle between directly overhead and the line intersecting the sun. (90 degrees – zenith) is the elevation angle of the sun above the horizon


” Get Naked and Save the Planet “

030  “Get Naked and Save the Planet”

Back in the early Seventies, naturism was defined as ‘a way of life in harmony with nature, characterised by self-respect, respect for others and for the environment’. Well before then, late in the 19th century, naturists always stressed their eco-credentials. These days every summer, thousands of nude cyclists across the world protest against oil dependency and the car culture while completing in World Naked Bike Rides WNBR  . So, what is it with naturists and climate change ? I guess it’s part of the earthiness you feel when you cast off your clothes and go back to nature, part of the wellbeing feeling you get being naked in the open air with the just Mother Nature for company. Being naked and not being ashamed of it or judgemental and it gives you a great sense of freedom. Added to that,the warm sun and wind on your skin feels great, it’s purity, serenity, peaceful and feels in harmony with nature. It is the ultimate acceptance of ourselves and of others. Respect for each other and nature is first priority. This is why I feel like it naturally fits in with eco/sustainable living.

Eco-Stove ecocamp-patagonia 14441007873_72aa2db4c4_k

In winter, you might think naturists would consume more energy heating their homes. In fact, because they’re more sensitive to rising utility bills than everyone else, so the eco-nudists’ argument goes, they tend to compensate by making their homes more fuel-efficient and better insulated, thus negating much, if not all, of this.

anna_4 90944 006

In summer, especially in hot climes, it’s a different matter. Naked, you expend less energy keeping cool. Indeed, if you’re communing with nature daily, you may not use any generated energy as immersion in a convenient pond or river often suffices. Another plus factor is that habitual naturist; tend not to have as many detergent-residue phosphates on their skin, chemicals which aren’t natural. Because of the free circling air around the naked body you are unlikely to sweat as much or smell and will you not use as much body spray every day, most times a shower a day keeps the pong away.

Shower0001 shower oborain-outdoor-shower-6

Even going on a naturist holiday in summer can help the environment as it requires 1lb of aviation fuel to shift 2lb of payload, and 1lb of jet fuel produces 3.1lb of CO2, it’s clear that a naturist beach-bound flier is more environmentally sound than perhaps even three of his suitcase-equipped, textile counterparts. Then when you get home there will definitely be less washing to do and your carbon footprint could be reduced further still. This kind of philosophy isn’t altogether new mind you. In the late 19th century Anarchist naturism appeared as the union of anarchist and naturist philosophies. Mainly it had importance within individualist anarchist circles in Spain, France, Portugal and Cuba.

go-green Green_and_Black_flag Green-Energy-News

Anarcho-naturism advocated vegetarianism, nudism and an ecological world view within anarchist groups and outside them. Anarcho-naturism promoted an ecological worldview, small ecovillages, and most prominently nudism as a way to avoid the artificiality of the industrial mass society of modernity. Naturist individualist anarchists saw the individual in his biological, physical and psychological aspects and tried to eliminate social determinations. Important promoters of this were Henri Zisly and Emile Gravelle who collaborated in La Nouvelle Humanité followed by Le Naturien, Le Sauvage, L’Ordre Naturel, & La Vie Naturelle.

353 global_128466962

Clubs, naturist retreats and other venues around the world too are open to some kind of eco naturism; campsites are situated on beautiful land, in deep countryside and sometimes are not connected to mains power or water. The locations being “out of the way ” provides opportunities to build ‘off-grid’ facilities with as much care for the environment as we could afford. There are various systems some I’ve mentioned already in earlier posts, here’s a general rundown on some of them.

ecoShowerO IMG_20130901_211918 256px-Holkham_beach_from_Holkham_Meals_-_geograph_org_uk_-_97299

Solar panels are by far the most popular way to generate electricity. This is mainly because they are the only system that is suitable for urban areas, and so are the most suitable for the majority of people. Also a wind turbine can be a very effective way to generate your own power too. Solar water heating also takes the heat from the sun, and uses it to heat water to use in the sinks, showers etc. Like solar PV, you need a roof that faces between south east and south west. However, for solar thermal panels you need less space.

tankless-water-heaters-eco Woman Bathing Outdoors in Old Tub

For domestic heating purposes, biomass tends to mean wood in the form of logs, wood pellet or wood chip. Heat pumps work like a fridge in reverse. They take heat from the ground, air or water, and use an electric pump to boost it to the right temperature to keep your house warm, and sometimes also for water heating. Air source heat pumps attach to the outside wall of the building, and look much like the fans on air conditioning units. Ground source heat pumps generate power too but need lots of space, as pipes are buried in trenches of 1.5+ metres deep.


We have grown more aware of the importance of saving the planet even in small ways during the last 20 years ,so we should encourage others to ‘go green’ too. We can all buy environmentally friendly products and use green technology if finances allow, but everyone can learn how to reduce, re-use and recycle. This is saving the planet as well, by cutting Co2 output and this is very important to, so perhaps naturists are right, and theirs is a philosophy we should all adopt. It makes ecological sense that naturists are eco-friendly, then you can feel good that you’re helping the environment when stripping off. Being nude isn’t the only thing that’s natural; naturism fully embraces this naturel eco lifestyle.

018 031 032

” Energy Harvesting (Part Five) “

  Multi-solar-panel-array-2-300x225 o-SOLAR-PANEL-INSTALLATIONS-facebook

Day Five

Day Five began with the setting up of a grid tied system, which is commonly used in a house based solar systems. These systems are used to power household electrical appliances and when sunlight permits the eventual selling of power back to the national grid.

1000px-National_Grid_svg hinkley_2310592b

The set up connects solar panels and main grid together by way of a solar grid tie micro invertor. The invertor synchronises the voltages so that they are in phase and so they do not cancel each other out, if this happened there would be no power at all. With our example we used a lower mains current for safety purposes, but normally it would run on normal mains electricity. The system is set out as shown in previous diagrams and photographs and worked well. I measured the current flowing through the system with and without the solar panel being on.The current measured from the mains came out at 0.06 amps, from the solar panel 0.04 amps creating a total output of 0.1amps.


With solar energy harvesting being what it is at present, so much depends on the sunlight that is being produced. Some days you may get bright sunshine all day, on other days you may not get any at all, so this is where this system comes in. This system takes supplies from the mains on days where there is no sun and takes power from the solar panels on days where there is plenty of sunshine. If more power is supplied from the solar panels than is needed by a household any surplus will be sold back to the national grid,which of course generates extra cash and saves on household bills ,over a period of time.


Old (left)   New (Right)

Because most household systems have several solar panels they are set up in such a way, so that any faulty panels or panels effected by shading do not totally stop the panels producing power. Originally the panels were made connecting each panel together; this meant if panel two stopped working so did the whole system. Over time and possibly through trial and error,the system was refined so that cells/panels could be isolated.

Sunlight as I mentioned is a crucial factor in solar power and as an example I’ve noted here the various weather conditions in lux to give you an over idea of the differences

Conditions Total Lux
Moonlight Clear night 0.0001
Home Lighting 50
Office Lighting 80
Overcast Day (very) 100
Sunrise/Sunset 400
Full Daylight 10,000 – 25,000
Direct Sunlight 32,000 – 100,000

The rest of the day was spent making a database up of UK. Europe and worldwide solar companies  and looking through trade magazines.

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” step-by-step guide “

Nudists on Beach WP_20150309_09_42_10_Pro

If you are curious about naturism and want to give it a try, I originally wrote this as a step-by-step guide to how to become a naturist.

Step 1: Take off all your clothes.

Step 2: Enjoy yourself!

That’s it really……well, I guess there’s more to say than that.  To me, being a naturist is about being naked and enjoying it.  But if you’re new to it, maybe you need to hear more.

So if you want to be a naturist…

First, just give it a try.  See how you feel about nudity as a casual thing, as a way of being which can be normal to you.

couchinfrontofwindow1 img_4885

Look to your home environment first.

If you live alone, there is no real reason for you to wear clothes ever if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to worry about privacy or offending others.  So just consider ditching your clothes any time it doesn’t feel too cold to be comfortable.  Give sleeping nude a try, and maybe leave off getting dressed in the morning until it’s time to go out.

If you live with a partner, you should definitely discuss your interest in naturism with them from the start.  Honesty is always the best policy, and you never know, they may be just as interested as you!  You could just start walking around naked and it would probably be fine (very few people don’t want to see their partner naked more!), but if you don’t explain why you’re doing it, they may think it’s just for them, which will make it a little more difficult if you decide you want to move more into social naturism.  But however you decide to manage it, you shouldn’t have any difficulty experimenting with naturism at home at this stage.


If you live with friends or with family, it’s really up to you how you decide handle it.  Manage the situation however you feel most comfortable.  You might feel it is best to restrict your very first naturist steps to only going nude in private areas such as your bedroom – or waiting until you have the house to yourself.  If you feel confident and comfortable discussing your interest in naturism with the others in your household, you can, but you certainly don’t have to.

But whatever your situation, try and make nudity something which is normalised for you.  Unless you were brought up naturist, you have probably always been encouraged to associate nudity with either sex or cleanliness.  Being a naturist is about recognising that being naked can also just be an enjoyable, life-affirming state by itself and that clothes aren’t an essential part of everyday life.  If you sit and play videogames nude, or do your chores nude, or whatever, you may well quickly find that you prefer it that way.

Once you’ve started exploring naturism as a lifestyle at home, the next steps are entirely up to you.  But most people who are naturists have a wish to meet and socialise with others who are the same.  Different people enjoy socialising nude for different reasons, but social activity of some kind has always been a big part of the naturist movement and if you enjoy being nude alone, you will probably enjoy being nude with others just as much.


The internet is a great resource for finding out more about what naturist opportunities you can access.  Most countries have a national organisation promoting naturism (for example, British Naturism in the UK and both TNS and AANR in the US).  Even if you don’t want to join these, their websites will often have lots of information about more local groups, and activities, events and venues you can visit.  There are several different activities you can try as a newbie naturist to give you a taster.

If you have the funds, you could try visiting a naturist club or resort.  This isn’t for everyone, but resorts and clubs are friendly, welcoming places always keen for new people to visit.  The best thing would be to use a national organisation website or internet search to find a venue that you like the look of, or is close to you, and then contact them directly to find what their visitor policy is, and whether you might be able to do something like visit for a day.  You will find that (weather permitting), a club or resort will give you the best opportunity to be nude for long periods with other people and try a range of sports and activities – or just lying around tanning!

If you don’t fancy the club/resort or just don’t think you could afford the trip, don’t despair, there’s plenty of other fun things you can do as a naturist.


Many local and national organisations stage regular naturist events for people to come to.  For example, a group may hire a venue such as a swimming pool for a few hours, then sell tickets for naturists to come and use the facilities nude.  Or, a group may stage a nude get-together at a private venue or naturist club.  You can usually find out about these events by checking the organisers’ websites, or contacting them and asking what is happening.

Social networking is also good for getting in touch with other naturists and, especially, hearing about smaller and more independently organised nude events, like clothing-optional dinners or bodypainting parties.  Be aware when using Facebook of your own privacy and how much you want people to know about you – but finding smaller events on Facebook and making private contact with the organisers can be a good way to get to know what is around, and make friends.

100_1346 1506787_723119117780841_698169256809003422_n

Of course, if organised events and activities aren’t your cup of tea, or if you just want to try and do your own thing, there are still things you can do to enjoy naturism away from home.  The UK, the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe, all have a number of beaches around their coasts given over to nude or clothing-optional use.  Your best bet is to search the internet to see if there are any nude beaches in your chosen location or your home area; if there are, try and read up a bit about them before you go, as it can be helpful to know how to get to and get access to the beach, as well as specifics about customs at that beach (for example, if some areas of the beach are accepted as being gay areas, family areas etc).

Even if you don’t have a nearby beach, it is possible to still enjoy nude recreation outdoors.  In the UK, it is perfectly legal to be nude on public property, providing you do not engage in “lewd acts” or cause offence or disturb the peace.  If you are out in an area of the countryside where there are not many people (therefore you could reasonably expect to not be seen), you are within your legal right to sunbathe, walk and picnic nude.  However it is good to bear in mind that everybody has an equal right to enjoy the countryside, so it may be advisable to keep with you some clothing you can put on easily when encountering others, rather than attempting to argue the law with them at the time, should they object to your nudity.


Even if you don’t live in a country where nudity is allowed in such circumstances, you might still have access to large areas of open country, forest, desert etc where you can have every chance to spend time nude in the open air and not encounter a soul.  Be careful and be sensible (and if you are female, consider whether it might be safer to have the company of a friend before going off to roam the local woodland naked – they don’t have to undress themselves, just be comfortable if you do) and you’ll be able to have the full experience of enjoying nature in your natural state.

Lastly, there are events in which nudity is part of the experience, but which are not geared specifically to naturists.  These include things like the World Naked Bike Ride, Bay To Breakers run in San Francisco, the Naked Run at the Roskilde Music Festival, Burning Man Festival, the “Naked Field” at Glastonbury Festival and stunts like Spencer Tunick photo-shoots and clothing-optional open nights at art galleries.  These events usually have some other reason besides naturism for people to be naked (protest, challenging taboos, hedonistic celebrations of personal freedom, artistic exploration or just publicity) but remain popular with naturists eager to have the chance to experience the freedom of being nude in a new venue or location.

These are just some of the things you can do to be a naturist.  Whatever you do, do it naked, enjoy yourself, and stay safe!

Originally published on the Get Naked Get Awesome Tumblr